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    I have connected an external dvd player through a socket on my computer using a ps/2 plug.This socket is part of the unit which my monitor is connected to (I assume this is the graphics card)
    My question is how do I watch a dvd from this unit?I have windows media player installed.Do I need any specific software to view this external dvd player?if so what is recommended?

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    What you are referring to is an S-VIDEO connector, not the PS/2 one which is normally for keyboards and mice. Most of the time the S-VIDEO connectors found on computer video cards are for output to a television. This is useful for business, mostly, to show Powerpoint slides, photo slideshows, and the like. It's common on laptops for this reason.

    Unless you have something like the ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder (a video card that has a capture/PVR function built-in), you are probably out of luck. Buy a DVD-ROM player. They are pretty cheap these days.