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    Default How NOT to catch viruses

    Seems everytime I get on my computer I'm getting a virus of some sort. Are there certain sites that I shouldn't be going to? I'm trying to maintain a healthy pc yet I'm afraid to go anywhere because I contract all this crap. No way to enjoy the most of my comp :?

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    i would suggest that you go to this article and read it.
    There are detailed instructions on how to clean your computer as well as tips on how to keep it clean. You must have an up to date anti-virus program running in the background when you are online. That will keep out most viruses. Some people buy programs such as Norton or MacAfee, others prefer the free programs AVG or Avast which are as good or better than the ones that cost $. The secret is to have it updated regularly and running. Spybot will clean your computer of spyware and adware and can also keep your computer from going to "known bad sites" if you turn on immunization. Use your head, if you download alot of music and such from unknown sources, you are asking for trouble. Charlie

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    HI Jenn

    Also take a look at this excellent link put in by Al

    Go HERE

    And click on the link Get netwise , Lots of ex info

    Take note of all that Grim has said, and remember if you receive an email with attachments that looks suspicious don't open it Delete it
    Even if you have Antivirus on your system, still do an online scan every now and then panda, or Housecall, and keep windows up to date

    Only Run 1 Firewall And 1 Antivirus on your system

    If you need an Antivirus, And firewall links below when you go to avast site go to products then free software you will see Avast4 Home Edition Free Just look for Free version on site


    Make sure you download free version

    Also 2 more good programs

    Antispyware downloads


    And like Grim said use your Head
    Also watch out for this Worm

    ALSO Tke a look suspicious email

    Take A Look
    Regards Stoney