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by Oscar Sodani
June 2, 2008

Oscar Sodani is a founder of Help2Go and owner of Help2Go Networks, an IT consulting firm in the Washington D.C. area. Oscar holds the CISSP certification as well as industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Novell.

Here are just some of the good things that people have had to say about Help2Go:

"THANK YOU so VERY MUCH for your article on how to eliminate spyware/malware from a computer - IT WORKED." - Stuart V.

"You've been kind, patient and very helpful to me with my problems. I don't have a credit card but I will send a donation by Postal Order because your site is terrific and deserves all the help it can get." - Rachel N.

"I just wanted to THANK you for the article "C:\windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt", posted by Mike. The 1st suggestion fixed my problem. After trying many other things that did not, this simple solution did the trick. This site was an absolute life-saver! Thanks again. I will recommend your site to everyone I know." - Zoltan B.

"Just wanted to say thank you for your site, it has saved my fragile mental is 12:00 midnight and I have tried to fix a problem I have had since midday...I have work that needs to be available to my colleagues first thing in the morning. Thank you so much." - Gale C.

"Just thought I'd email to say a big thanks for helping me get my laptop back, up and running, especially 'Partie'. Thanks again." - Daryl K.

"I picked up zlob.Downloader on my new home PC and being a novice around computers I thought I would have to live with it. In pure frustration I searched using Google and came across your web-site, boy am I glad I found you guys. Your instructions for removing this problem were fantastic, very easy to follow and they really work! So big ups to you guys and once again thank-you." - Peter H.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you! Your site has just saved most of my life I had to restore the registry using system restore and I tried using the microsoft help and got confused so I used your detailed explanation and it worked a treat. Thank you." - Gerard M.

Your site is fantastic.  I try to help others as you do and when I can't I turn to the experts.   Thanks for all the help......" - Dave M.

"Thanks a lot for providing help (Spyware removal) on this website. I got my laptop back to normal condition." - Ashutosh R.

"Thanks a million! I was freaking out because my laptop died, and I'm leaving for an out of town conference (where I'll need it). I tried several other help sites, but yours was the one that did the trick! I feel like I owe cookies to whoever wrote this help file:
Help2Go - C:\windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt. THANKS AGAIN!" - Heidi M.

"I appreciate your help with my recent infestation from the forces of evil." - Lynwood W.

"Thank you for your wonderful site and all of the great volunteers. I was made to feel welcome and not stupid like some other sites. Everyone was helpful and caring and I really appreciate it. My warmest regards and heartfelt thanks to you and all. I will definitely be spreading the word about your site and will visit often." - Paula C.

"Your site is absolutely brilliant and the help I received was fantastic.  I will certainly spread the word around as its guys like you that are really needed." - Carol J.

"Thank you for running this great site!  Without you guys, I'd really be in trouble!  :)" - Alana H.

"I felt so appreciative after your site offered info that helped my dilemma. Please know this 70-year-old crone is extremely thankful for the likes of ya'll." - Carver A.

"Thanks for cleaning me up. Better than any program ever did!" - Martin T.

"You guys are the best at fixing Spyware/Adware issues. I think the "detective" portion of you site is particularly effective and of course, the techs are great. Definitely will keep you on my list of favorites." - Dave G.

"Thank you for cleaning up my pc from the hijackers that took over." - Edward E.

"The Help2Go website is an invaluable source. Thank you for all your efforts. It is truly appreciated." - Melissa M.

"Bless your hearts for this truly altruistic undertaking. I completely understand your reasons for doing this, and I vow that when I become a computer wiz myself I'm going to join the cause and do something similar." - Ariel F.

"Thank you for your site.  I wish I had found out about you when I FIRST got my PC.  I enjoy troubleshooting the problems that occur, but sometimes it's time to ask for help and I'm glad you guys are available to us.  Thanks!!" - Cherisa B.

"I have finally gotten my system up and running ,thanks to all the help from all who answered my stupid questions with some very valuable hints,and with the help of all the very usefull articles and tutorials. My system is probably running better, faster and more secure than it did when I first bought it. Within the next few days, all of my friends computers will also perform at as close to peak as possible, and once again it is all due to the help recieved from this site." - Rudy E.

"We just purchased a computer for my parents (70 years old) and your web site has been most helpful. Thanks again Help2Go!!" - Sara

"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site!!  I've looked through many search engines for free computer help, but none has delivered that anywhere near as well as yours does.  I have bookmarked it, and will recommend it to others." - Larry F.





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