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Disable RealPlayer realsched.exe

by Oscar Sodani
July 7, 2004

Oscar Sodani is a founder of Help2Go and owner of Help2Go Networks, an IT consulting firm in the Washington D.C. area. Oscar holds the CISSP certification as well as industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Novell.

When you install RealPlayer, it will add a process called realsched.exe to your startup configuration. realsched.exe periodically checks the Internet for updates. Even worse, even if you take it out of your startup configuration in the registry, simply running RealPlayer will make it return. While realsched.exe is relatively benign, I don't like processes running on my system without my permission. Here's how to disable it.

- Launch RealPlayer
- Click on the Tools and choose Preferences
- Under the Automatic Services category, choose Message Center
- Press the button marked "Configure Message Center"
- UNCHECK the option labeled Checking - Check for new messages
- Choose Yes when the warning pops-up

If you haven't already, run MSCONFIG to remove it from your startup configuration as well.

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