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Avoid Web Browser Hijackers

by steamwiz
December 21, 2003

There are many ways for someone to hijack your browser.......

The hijacker could be a .dll file or an .exe file or a .reg file or a combination of any of these. It could be in the root C:\ directory or C:\Windows or C:\Windows\system or just about any other directory. There is no constant, everything is variable, the only certain thing is that it is getting through a security loophole on your computer, be it security settings or a lack of patches/updates.

First thing to tools...Windows update..... and download all critical updates.

Second is to download and install Spywareblaster.

Third download and install Spywareguard.

These programs take up very little resources and run un-noticed in the background.

Fourth download and install Spybot Search and Destroy.

Always check for updates before running. Click the immunize button..... and while you're there (at this page) you can lock your homepage if you want to. As with an anti-virus program - check for updates at least once a week, with all the above programs.

Fifth download IE-SPYAD.
Installation instructions here :-

IE-SPYAD stops advertisers and marketers from automatically installing adware onto your PC without your permission. We highly recommend it.

Check out this link for more tips from one of the top anti-spyware experts.

Install this HOSTS file onto your computer -- it will block your PC from accessing known malicious web sites, sites that contain viruses and malware.
None of this can guarantee 100% that you won't be hijacked - but it will certainly go a long way.

Make sure you have a firewall. (More info)

These are popular firewalls:

Comodo Personal Firewall FREE
Norton Internet Security
Norton Personal Firewall
Jetico Personal Firewall for Windows
McAfee Personal Firewall
Black Ice Defender
Zone Alarm Pro
Zone Alarm Firewall FREE

Get anti-virus software.
Download free AVG anti virus software. =
Free avast! 4 Home Edition (AntiVirus) FREE

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